The 7th TCOG Annual Meeting

Dec. 14-15, 2003

Symposium on Cancer Pain and Cancer-related Symptoms (I)

Topic Speaker
New Directions in Cancer — Symptom Research Charles S. Cleeland
Cancer Pain in Taiwan Shung-Tai Ho
Barriers to the Analgesic Management of Cancer Pain: A Comparison of Attitudes of Taiwanese Patients and Their Family Caregivers Chia-Chin Lin
The Implementation and Evaluation of a Cancer Pain Management Program in Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital Luo-Ping Ger
Analysis of National Opioid Consumption in Taiwan from 1987 to 2002 Wei-Zen Sun

Special Lecture and Symposium on Management of Oral Cavity Cancer

Topic Speaker

Special Lecture-Targets for Radiation in Normal and Tumor Tissues 

Special Lecture-Technology and Biology Shaping the Future of Radiation Oncology

Zvi Y. Fuks
TCOG Oral Cavity Cancer Studies and Current Status of Postoperative Treatment of Head and Neck Cancer Ruey-Long Hong
Potential New Strategies for the Treatment of Oral Cancer Mark Yen-Ping Kuo
Specific Induction of the High-molecular-weight Microtubule-associated Protein 2 (hmw-MAP2) by Betel Quid Extract in Cultured Oral Keratinocytes: Clinical Implications in Betel Quid-associated Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma (OSCC) Jeff Yi-Fu Chen
The Treatment Results of T4b Oral Cancer Chun-Ta Liao
Laser Applications in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Oral/Head and Neck Cancer Colin Hopper

Special Lecture and Symposium on Cancer Pain and Cancer-related Symptoms (II)

Topic Speaker
Special Lecture-Health Care Quality Research Mei-Shu Lai
Cytokines as Mediators for Cancer-related Symptoms in Leukemia Patients Undergoing Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation Bang-Ning Lee
Quality of Life Assessment in Cancer Patient Wei-Chu Chie
Assessment of Depression Among Cancer Patients: The Role of Pain and Psychosocial Treatment Angela Pei-Chen Fan


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