Asia-Pacific Congress on Oral Cavity Cancer in conjunction with the 12th TCOG Annual Meeting

Date: Dec. 6 – 7, 2008

Topic Speaker
Oncogenic MicroRNA Alterations in Oral Carcinogenesis: a Linkage to Hypoxia Pathway Kuo-Wei Chang (張國威)
Genome Analysis of Oral Cancer Jinn-Chyuan Sheu (許晉銓)
Cancer Stem-like Cell on Oral Cancer Tumorigenesis Jeng-Fan Lo (羅正汎)
How Important Role of HPV in Oropharyngeal Cancer — South Taiwan Experience Chih-Yen Chien (簡志彥)
Spindle Cell Lesions of the Upper Aerodigestive Tract (no video) Lester Daron Robert Thompson
Recurrence of Leukoplakia as Evidence for Malignancy: Histopathological Varieties of Oral Carcinoma in-Situ Takashi Saku
Lichenoid Reaction of Oral Malignancies and Oral Lichen Planus Kazuo Komiyama
Panel Discussion on Clinical Pathology Correlation Management of Pre-cancer Lesion Ying-Tai Jin (靳應台)
Galectin-1 in Oral Cancer Progression Yuh-Ling Chen (陳玉玲)
Evolving Treatment Standard in Head and Neck Cancer Jan B. Vermorken
Clinical Experiences of Non-surgical Treatment for Oral Cancer Jin-Ching Lin (林進清)
Surgical Management of Oral Cavity Cancer Sheng-Po Hao (侯勝博)
Strategies to Reduce Dose of Radiation and Salvage Normal Tissue in Head and Neck Cancer Patients Uttam Kumar Sinha
Microsurgical Free Tissue Transplantation Expands the Range of Caner Resectability Fu-Chan Wei (魏福全)
Management of Gingivobuccal Complex Cancer Sanjeev Misra
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